Our story

The journey began with soap.  I read about making it in a book, and the idea fascinated me.  I made hundreds of bars of it.  A myriad of colours and fragrance blends, using all sorts of exotic oils and butters.  Friends, family and colleagues were recruited as testers, and endlessly interrogated about quality.  I’d found a passion.  Along the way, it affected my husband so he got involved too.

Like handmade food, handmade soap was just nicer.  That got us thinking about some of the other products people used.  Could handmade moisturisers and shampoos be better than mass manufactured products for sale in stores?  Doubtful but curious, we decided to investigate.

Over the past ten years, we’ve learned how to formulate all sorts of useful goodies.  Lip balms, shampoo, rich body creams and luxurious facial moisturisers.  Our testing team’s feedback on endless formula iterations helped create excellent products.

News spread by word of mouth.  We realised that if we were going to be able to share the products of our passion with a wider audience, we would have to think about creating a business around it.  Eventually we found the time and space to create one. 

Kallisti is a young UK based manufacturing company.  We’re founded on our passion, refined through a decade of formulating body care products that work, and a desire to share them with you.