The perils of pampering pooches . . .

 . . . Jayne is the proprietor of Duppies dog grooming studio in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  She is passionate about looking after her furry clients and maintaining the highest possible standards, so is hands-on every day.

Unfortunately, whilst the pooches are delighted, her hands take a hammering due to constant washing between groomings, and also during appointments, when dogs are usually shampooed.

The result for Jayne was dry, cracked skin, including the backs of her hands and her knuckles.

During the first week she used Skin Salvation every night before bed.  She found only a small application necessary and the result was that the skin on the back of her hands quickly became softer and over the days the cracking on her hands disappeared.  Over the following weeks she tells me her entire hands improved. 

Jayne still only applies the salve once a day (due to the constant water contact during the day she feels it would be wasteful, so continues to apply once in the evening well after the last of her appointments).  She did agree to trial another product from a well-known brand for a week and paused with Kallisti, but was back with us the week following, as the other product seemed a bit lightweight and was not really doing the job.

Interestingly, being the observant type Jayne noticed that an age mark had faded on one of her hands; she also tells me she has applied Skin Salvation to bites and spots and would continue to do so in future.*  

Thanks Jayne for the feedback!



*we make no claims about any of these effects and it could be down to coincidence.

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