Simple - but not easy!

We’ve been making several different personal care products for quite a while.   People who use them keep telling us that we really ought to sell them.  Unfortunately, as with many things, that sounds simple - but it’s not easy!

Before we can legally sell a skin care product in the EU it, and we, have to meet a range of requirements.  These cover (among other things), good manufacturing practice, independent safety testing, labeling regulations, and EU product registration.  Before beginning that journey, we have to be absolutely sure of our formulations, and along the way we have to secure reliable sources for ingredients, packaging, design, and print services.  

It all takes a surprising amount of time and money, but we’ve also been blessed to receive some pro-bono work from a close friend (thank you - you know who you are!)

So that’s partly our excuse for being quiet for so long. However as a result of all the hard work behind the scenes, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing three new Kallisti products in the next couple of weeks . . . . .

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