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A couple of people asked about what our Skin Salvation stick is best used for.  Over a few short blogs I’ll give some examples, rather than make a list of claims.

Skin Salvation was first developed for Dave.  His hands have always had a hard life, decades of welding and metal fabrication before he eventually retired and moved to France.

Unfortunately, although in official retirement, his hands weren’t in for a Gallic pampering.   For the past fifteen years they’ve been worked almost as hard and over a greater variety of tasks; building with timber, block and stone, structural and mechanical repairs and alterations to buildings and vehicles, clearing and maintaining several acres of land, and cultivating an allotment.  Hard working hands!

Dave used to use another product but it wasn’t easily available overseas, hence our development of Skin Salvation.  He actually thinks it’s better than what he used to use.  We’re happy about that.

So what does he do with it?  Well before he does his daily work, he applies it all over his hands, including a good layer under his fingernails.  He does this because when he comes to wash his hands, they come clean a lot easier and he doesn’t have to use a nailbrush so much.

Scrapes, nicks and scratches get a coat pretty promptly too, as the essential oils in the stick have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and soothing properties.

Dave also applies Skin Salvation every night before he retires.  Overnight it seems to condition his skin and make it less prone to cracking.  He recently told us that he’s “not had such good hands since I was a lad”.

That’s a while ago ;-)

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