Liquid Gold

Olive trees, their fruit and oil feature throughout history, mythology and religion.  Homer supposedly referred to olive oil as ‘liquid gold’.  In the Odyssey, a living olive tree features in the design of Odysseus’ bed.  

A threat to move the marital bed (thus killing the tree) was how Penelope, Odysseus’ long suffering wife, recognised him when he arrived back home after getting lost for 10 years on his way back from the fall of Troy (an extreme example of being unwilling to ask for directions).

Olive oil has a long tradition as a skin cleanser.  In the days before soap; Greeks, Romans and Etruscans coated themselves with olive oil and then used a Strigil (a type of scraper) to scrape away the grime.

Thankfully someone invented soap, which makes getting clean a whole lot easier. 

Kallisti follows a long tradition of crafting soap using olive oil.  All of our soap contains over 50% extra virgin olive oil. 

All of that rich, dark green olive oil gives our soaps a natural hue.  The colour variation between our bars comes from the addition of various goodies; ground olive stones in our Mediterranean Scrub Bar and the creamy goats milk used in our Flourish Facial Bar.  

The essential oils that we blend into Kallisti products also add their own signature hue.  Sweet orange oil is a delicate pale orange, ylang ylang is golden amber and patchouli is a rich earthy brown….  Well, mostly. 

You see, the time of harvest, growing conditions and preparation methods of the natural ingredients used by Kallisti can all lead to variations in the product.   The colour and fragrance of essential oils can both exhibit subtle differences from batch to batch.  These variations are one of the things that we love about our products. We hope that you do too.

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