Guest blog from Jez

Playing the drums takes its toll on one's hands.  Blisters, callouses and friction burns are a regular result of the continual movement of the drumsticks against the skin of my fingers and palms.  My ability to grip the sticks varies widely depending on the condition of my skin: gripping tightly leads to broken skin and also to problems with wrist strain and RSI.

Previously I've used a regular moisturiser to try to avoid dry skin with varying degrees of success.  That doesn't really keep up with both drumming as well as regular, day to day things that affect skin care (such as household chores and home improvements, gardening, exercise and walking the dog in all weathers).  Typically I'll have days when the quality of the skin on my hands is good and drumming leaves few marks, and others when the skin condition isn't so good and then it's blisters aplenty.  Since using Kallisti Skin Salvation there's been a noticeable improvement to both day to day skin quality and to my grip when drumming.  I've far fewer blisters and existing callouses - critical to comfortable and prolonged playing - last for longer.  The additional grip afforded by this increase in skin quality has reduced instances of RSI, previously something of a problem as I get older. 

I firmly believe that Kallisti Skin Salvation has made an immediate difference to the health of the skin on my hands, and has greatly reduced the impact that drumming for hours each week has on my hands.



Cheers for the update Jez! - Kallisti

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