EU Cosmetic Regulations

We’ve been making Skin Salvation sticks for ages.  In 2011, we decided to put Skin Salvation through certification to meet EU and UK legislative requirements for cosmetics safety, a requirement if you want to put a skincare product onto the market in the UK.  We didn’t have any plans to sell our salve sticks, but we were giving loads of them to friends and family, and we wanted to be 100% certain that they were safe to use.  Essential oils can be tricky.

Since deciding to put Skin Salvation onto the market this year, we discovered that the EU and UK legislative requirements changed in 2013.  Therefore our certification was out of date. 

So, if we’ve been a little quiet, it’s because we’ve been busy getting up to speed with the requirements of the new legislation and getting our new certification!  We’ve had our logo and labelling re-vamped too. 

We’ve also been sending out loads of samples to all sorts of folk in order to get some wider feedback.  Gardeners, dog groomers, physiotherapists, nurses and a drummer (yes, a drummer), have all been trialling Skin Salvation and the feedback we’ve been given is awesome!! 

Now that we’re up to date and ready to go; we’ll be sure to keep you posted on where we’re at and what we’re up to!



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