Calluses, blisters, and CrossFit

Jon has an office job, but when he escapes at 5pm and during the weekends, he’s pretty serious about CrossFit.  CrossFit is a mix of high intensity exercises using weights like barbells and kettlebells, gymnastic rings and bars, ropes and bands.  It has a lot of variety and people “go for reps” which means in essence, your hands take a hammering.

Blisters are common and calluses the norm. 

Blisters appear where you don’t have a callus already.  New, repetitive activities tend to be blister hazards (like the occasional dig of the garden borders or vegetable plot). Areas subject to longer term friction eventually prompt the skin to form a protective callus.

Blisters are an issue for a CrossFit participant as they inhibit progress in the short term, especially in competitions. Calluses cause issues if left to get too thick, as they can get torn off; apparently a bit nasty.

Anyway Jon says that Kallisti Skin Salvation is good on raw blisters (but best to avoid them in the first place we think!).  He now uses a pumice stone to keep the calluses from getting too thick, and Skin Salvation again to keep them soft and flexible.  His partner appreciates it too, no more “sandpaper hands”!



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